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Dear Friends,
 We are introducing a personality who loves nature and living with nature.He is the inspiration for this blog.He is the one who works for the society beyond his limitations.

"Mohanan Nair", most of us know him as Mohanan "Vaidyar"(Doctor) who is basically a naturopathy medical practitioner, currently living in Chertala,Kerala. But he works for society more than a medic.He is a medic who shows which doctor can actually heal us.He is a guide who show how to live in accord with nature.He is a friend who teach us what is our strength.He is an expert who points out adulteration in foods.He is a teacher who teaches how each medicinal plant in our surroundings are beneficial for us.He won't keep any medicinal secrets as his own.He published the details of the preparation and use of his medicines instead!.That is "Mohanan Vaidyar". According to him these information don't need to kept as secret as many people needs to know about this.Otherwise these hereditary information will disappear from the society.  
In his experience in life,he identified the fact that today,there is a drastic increase in adultered and unhealthy food available in market.According to him,food habits and life style has a major role in changing a person to a patient.So primary importance is to change these habits first,then conduct the treatment.So every patient who visit him must attend an awareness class conducted by him.He also conducts many awareness classes in schools,institutions,etc.He even participated in many TV programs related to food adulteration and medical treatments.He studied thoroughly about the ingredients that are added in foods available in market and dangerous consequences when using them.He also points out side-effects of some allopathic treatments available today.Chemotherapy is one of them.


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