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Why should we avoid Chemotherapy - Mohanan Vaidyar

According to French researchers, the incidence of cancer is expected to increase by more than 75% by the year 2030 in developed countries, and over 90% in developing nations.

Whatever may be the statistics,there is still a hope remains.A little light ray is needed to remove all darkness in a room.Likewise,Mohanan vaidya is that light ray who is treating several types of cancer patients,mostly failed by treated with modern medicines.

In Mohanan Vaidyar's perspective,cancer is not a fatal disease,to all those fears about cancer.In Vaidyar's terminology,Vidrathi and Arbudam are known in the name of cancer and continuously frightening people nowadays.But these two can be treated by traditional practitioners in so simple methods.
is the lump and it was treated with applying grinded mixture of herbs and ointments. is the ruin or loss of germs in blood and was treated by including it in anemia. They don’t have medicine for cancer, but they considered Vidrathi and Arbudam as minor diseases. Cancer is just a fabricated disease by the corporates, says Vaidya.

He remembers us that diseases are affected in our mind and not in body.So mind should be treated and purified first. Then food is corrected. Then only medicine matters. A traditional medic always comes to a conclusion about the disease by checking the patient’s nerves and examining his face and body language. So when you approach a traditional medic for treating a disease always remember not to say the modern names of modern diseases, just say your problems that you are feeling in your body and he will analyze what is the matter.

Why should we avoid Chemotherapy
  • Doing chemotherapy is equal to killing a human slowly.
  • It damages kidney,sight,bones,hair, liver, sometimes menopause happens to women.
  • Many will be affected by blood cancer when they do chemotherapy for some other cancer.
  • Cancer cannot be prevented or cured or make claims to prevent or cure by using  allopathic medicine (Modern Medicine), says Indian Government itself. But this rule is hidden from the public.
  • An agreement is signed by the patient and his relatives that the chemo is done only because of their interest.
  • If we take a survey that how many patients survive after five years doing chemotherapy and what is their condition now,we can't see any positive result.

Radiation destroys the cells in that area, vary the DNA and transforms the gene.So don’t go before all these things, but change your lifestyle and eat good food. “I don’t have medicine for any disease and I don’t heal anyone, I just try to purify mind and lifestyle of people.” This is what I do, says Vaidya.

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