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I am a B.Tech IT graduate from kerala,India. I worked as a website developer in Excelsis Deo,Cochin.
Mr.Mohanan Vaidyar is the inspiration for me to wright this blog.I consulted him before 2 years due to my unhealthy conditions.He is very different kind of personality whom I ever met.He understands every patient's health conditions by carefully watching his/her body without any kinds of modern diagnostics.He uses his own hereditary techniques for it.He even identify our internal organ's present condition by this methods.According to him,first treatment to be taken to the mind of patient.Then to the body.His treatment also points some spiritual insights.As WHO stated definition of Health as: “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” 
In the beginning of the treatment,it was very tough for me.My body weight was very low in that time.According to him if there is no improvement for the patient after 21 days of treatment,the patient can leave.Because in his opinion,the cell growth of our body takes 21 days.I stayed there for 41 days for the treatment.His medicines are mainly herbal leaves,decoction(kashaya),powders,etc.These medicines are hard to prepare and will get unusable after 2 days(as it contains no harmful preservatives).After 41 days of treatment I got significant improvement.The motive is mainly because today,people loosing knowledge about herbal medicines that are available in our surroundings.We can avoid consulting doctor for less severe health conditions like cough,cold,fever,etc. by knowing these herbs and their medicinal preparation.So I started this.
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"Mohanan Nair",most of us know him as Mohanan Vaidyar(Doctor).But he works for society more than a medic.He is a guide who show how to live in accord with nature.He is a medic who shows which doctor can actually heal us.He is a friend who teach us what is our strength.He is an expert who points out adulteration in foods.He is a teacher who teaches how each medicinal plant is beneficial for us.Read more at: About the Contributor


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