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Natural remedies to get rid of fever

Many people are irritated about fever...
What is the real cause of fever?
 So I thought of including some natural remedies from our surroundings to cure fever.This tip was given by Mohanan Vaidyar.

Fever,the refining process of  body

When affected fever,people usually consult a doctor or take some medicines from the medical shop near them. According to vaidya,fever is the refining process of our body.He says fever shows our immunity power.

How does fever occur?
The bacteria,virus enters into our body when our immune power is low.These grow inside our body in face situations and will become harmful to our body.This is most commonly affected when our body is fighting to continue in its normal temperature when outside temperature is low.When body realizes that these germs will make harm to it,our body automatically raise the temperature.This is the fever.Most harmful germs cannot live in 37 degree Celsius in our body and they are all destroyed. But in this process,some useful germs in our body are also destroyed.The body has the power to reproduce these germs.But we usually don't allow our body to do its job.We take some antibiotics and allow to enter some harmful chemicals  in our body.The best thing is to stay calm and allow our body to do the work.

Natural Remedies to cure fever
  • The best medicine for fever is fasting.You can continue this for 2 or 3 days.The first-day complete fasting,and if necessary you can have tender coconut water or any other fresh fruit juice for next 2 days.
  • If you are impatient or weak,then you can try some natural remedies explained by vaidya below with no side effects:
  • Devadaru (Cedrus Deodara), Lesser Galangal, Tinospora Cordifalia, Swertia Chirata, Coriander seeds, dried ginger and cumin. Take 20gm each of these, then bruise it or crush it. Add 1 liter of water and boil it. Continue to boil till the water becomes 250 ml. take 125 ml in morning and 125 ml in the evening.
  • This kashaya(decoction) can be given even to a newborn baby with one day old. One to two spoon kashaya can be given twice a day. If the child is one-year-old, 25 to 50 ml kashaya can be given twice a day.
  • If you are tired, having less platelet count, or affected by red spots or something on your skin then papaya’s leaves juice can be taken.
  • Small children to an older one can take papaya’s leaves juice. Aged above ten years can take 25 ml papaya’s leaves juice plus 25 ml milk 3 times a day. Aged below ten years can take 15 ml papaya’s leaves juice plus 25 ml milk 3 times a day. Small children can take 5 ml papaya’s leaves juice plus 25 ml milk 3 times a day. Very small children can take 2 ml papaya’s leaves juice plus 10 ml milk 3 times a day. Vaidya says with confidence that the platelet count will be increased within 3 days.
But we don’t care all these things; we just want everything to be fast and easy. Vaidyar even noted that eleven rats can be killed with a single paracetamol. He says us to listen and study our body.
Here the milk is not used as a food but it is a medium. In Homeo medicines, alcohol is used as a medium, like that milk is used as a medium to carry the papaya’s leaves juice to blood quickly. The milk should be pure ‘a cow’s milk’. According to Mohanan Vaidyar, different cow’s milk mixed together is equal to poison! Not to mention about packet milk, because they are not milk at all.

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