Saturday, 7 March 2015

Natural solutions for Headache

"Oh..Head Ache...what a pain.."

Yesterday my cousin came home and he said it.He works in a bank office.He suffers head ache occasionally.His work was like that.He asked me:Do you know about any remedies for it?
I said :"yes". and I explained to him.He tried it and got better result.
Before taking any medicine for any disease, self-evaluation about what you are eating is necessary. Our life style and what we eat determines our health, it is the main reason for every disease. There is no need of any treatment or medicine if we correct our life style and food selection.

Some habits that should be changed
  • Avoid foods that contain trans-fat.,Ex:chocolates,junk food etc.
  • Avoid all types of fast food.
  • All types of soft drinks should be avoided because they contain preservatives and essence.
  • Avoid artificial taste-makers and foods that are made up using it.
  • Iodized salt should be avoided.
  • Avoid modern medicine that is harmful to our body. Allopathic medicines cannot cure any disease instead it increases the disease by hiding the actual symptoms.

A medicine to cure Headache
  • Prepare the juice of Stinging Nettle (Tragia Involucrata) leaf, the juice of Cleome Viscosa,
    Organic coconut oil.
  • Take all three equally, then mix all  well and boil until the water evaporates completely.
  • Apply this on head one hour before taking bath.
  • You can apply it on head after bath also.

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