Thursday, 5 March 2015

Food is medicine_Kitchen is hospital

Are u wonder?
Let's take a look...
Human is a wonder in nature.,the prominent creation in itself.,very different from other creatures.
The main reason for this is due to his brain.He has the ability to 'think','understand' and 'act' accordingly-yes the 'intelligence'.But in most cases he is not using his abilities to understand himself or his body.He cannot bring his body according to his management or aim.As a result we cannot control our body.These leads to several types of addictions-you name it.This leads to illness.We then forced to use medicines.But the fact that these medicines cannot give us the deliverance from the root disease and make us healthy!.
I am not against Allopathy,Ayurveda,Homeopathy,Sidha,Unani,Acupuncture,or any other treatment.Every treatment has its own merits and demerits.I don't mean to nag or degrade any medical treatment or physician personally or indirectly.If you feel like that, just treat it as a normal experience.
Man has enormous powers.He get this powers even before his birth.But we are not using this powers properly when its needed.My wish is to be with you as an inspiration and a remembrance to use your power.
We got to meet some unique people who love the nature and are living evenness to nature.I would like to introduce these personalities whom I met and are going to meet to you.

Who is Mohanan Vaidyar? Let's get familiarized
I am going to introduce a personality who loves nature and living with nature.He is my inspiration and I have no words to describe him.He is a naturopathic practitioner who works for the society beyond his limitations."Mahanan Nair",most people known him as Mohanan Vaidyar. He works for the society more than a medical practitioner.He participated in many TV programs and conducted health awareness classes as part of his social work.He is a guide who shows ho to live accord with nature.He is a medic who shows which doctor can actually heal us.He is a friend who shows what is your strength.He is an experts who points out the adulteration in food.He is a teacher who teaches how the medicinal plants around us can be used to heal even serious and complicated diseases.There is a lot more to say about him.Watch the following video to know more about him.

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